zaterdag 25 juni 2011

It's a Rings thing.

Rings are just such beautifull accessories.
We really love them, 
so here are some -we think- inspiring picture's.

XOXOXO @SaarTess

dinsdag 21 juni 2011


This week we have been to a party.

Here are some video's you have to watch!
So damn cute!
Those kids from now have the best dancingskills eveeeeer!


Love his face: 

XOXOXO @SaarTess

woensdag 15 juni 2011

Cause we're a Vans family.

I love Vans. 
the blue, pink and black on top are mine.
the other black is of my sister,
and the red is my dads.
My sister has also got another 2 pare.
Vans are just so comfertable and cute and nice and AAAARGH. 
just love them!

x @xxSaraaah