woensdag 24 augustus 2011

thylane léna-rose blondeau

This 10 year old model is going to be a topmodel.
We think that's totally true, because this girl has such a beautifull face.
She allready had a couple of fotoshoots, even one for Vogue Enfants.
So what do you think about this girl who is modelling at an age of 10?

which picture do you like most?
we love the third picture! It's so nice!
Don't be scared to leave a comment! (;

XOXO @SaarTess

zaterdag 20 augustus 2011

My trip to Malaysia; picture's

 Cameron Highlands ^

 Butterfly ^

Kuala Lumpur ^

 Twintowers in Kuala Lumpur ^

Temple ^

maandag 8 augustus 2011

my trip to malaysia; the people

The people in Malaysia were friendly and nice.
Although some don't live very big they are still such a nice family.

There was a really nice family who didn't live big.
We were walking past them and the people start waving at us and saying 'hello! hello!' and smiling away.

They were very friendly, and they had this animal in their garden ... a monkey!
We had so much fun because the monkey did al trics..
it just stuck his finger in his ass! hahahahahaha.

 the monkey got some food.

zondag 7 augustus 2011

My trip to malaysia ; Fashion

This summer i went to Malaysia! It was so much fun! I love learning things about another culture and country then where you come from. 
There were also lots of shoppingmalls. In Kuala Lumpur I visited some.

here is a car coming out of a building!

big billboards

In one of the more expensive ones there was a Zara!


An Adidas shop

selling Ralph Lauren.

 a big shopping mall called 'Berjaya Shoppingmall' .

there was a fashionshow going on on the first floor. 
It showed clothes but also make-up students made.
I couldn't make nice picture's because I hadden't got my good camera with me, so the pics are dark and not sharp.
Sorry about that!

You can see the models lining up next to the tent with the red top.

This shopping mall was gigantic! It had about 12 floors, and each floor was huge!

So this was my trip to Kuala Lumpurs shopping malls.

dinsdag 19 juli 2011

Karl Lagerfeld

Heya !
A few posts earlier, 
we told you about Karl Lagerfeld, 
a brilliant designer of clothes, bags, accessories and.. coca cola bottles!
We think the bottles are really nice and so we bought them!

All the bottles have their own 'target'.
The left one is for the romanticist, the one in the middle is for all the fashionista's and the last - but not least - one, is for rock chicks.
You can buy this nice designer bottles in Holland, at 'de Bijenkorf'.

xoxo SaarTess.



vrijdag 8 juli 2011

Susanne trying on sunglasses.

Susanne is the niece of Sarah.
She was trying on glasses, so we made picture's.
This is the result! :D

X @SaarTess