zondag 7 augustus 2011

My trip to malaysia ; Fashion

This summer i went to Malaysia! It was so much fun! I love learning things about another culture and country then where you come from. 
There were also lots of shoppingmalls. In Kuala Lumpur I visited some.

here is a car coming out of a building!

big billboards

In one of the more expensive ones there was a Zara!


An Adidas shop

selling Ralph Lauren.

 a big shopping mall called 'Berjaya Shoppingmall' .

there was a fashionshow going on on the first floor. 
It showed clothes but also make-up students made.
I couldn't make nice picture's because I hadden't got my good camera with me, so the pics are dark and not sharp.
Sorry about that!

You can see the models lining up next to the tent with the red top.

This shopping mall was gigantic! It had about 12 floors, and each floor was huge!

So this was my trip to Kuala Lumpurs shopping malls.

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