woensdag 18 mei 2011

Flower Bomb .

Flowers on your are very hot this summer.
It looks really cute,
You can wear flowers on dresses, shorts, and tops.
here are some examples;
Sunglasses 6,95
we love the glasses. the combination of blue and red/pink is really nice here.
It's nice to combine with a cute white dress.
But also with a lot of other stuff. 
Jack wills 
lilyhurst dress. £129
 This really cute dress is definitely on our wishlist. 
It has got soft colors. White and pink and green. 
Beautiful to wear at the beach, or to walk in on boulevards.

Abercrombie & Fitch 
Megan $50
We love Abercrombie & Fitch. It's  a really popular brand.
This is a really nice summer skirt. 
Nice to wear with a white top.
( H & M)

River Island.
Playsuit £34.99
We love the jumpsuit/ playsuit trend!
It has got a lot of colors, what makes it look really cheerful. 
shoes 12,95
The nice H&M shoes are not expensive, and really cute.
It's a dark color with bright flowers on it, so it's nice to wear also with darker clothes,
and is also nice to wear with jeans. 
Jack Wills.
Cudham Short
 It's a very 'busy' short. there are a lot and small flowers on it. 
Nice to wear with a black or white top.
we love this item!
Have a flowery Summer! 
XOXOXO @SaarTess 

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