zaterdag 7 mei 2011

Our favorite websites.


Now we are going to tell you our favorite websites.
well, ofcourse everybody has to visit everyday!
but we also check nearly everyday , and .

when you want to shop some clothes, these sites are very nice: <-- we LOVELOVELOVE. al Vans stuff; Shoes, Caps, bags, clothes. we also love this site. Lots and lots of fashion! It's a really good site, because it has got so many different kind of clothes! You can also look a catwalk video of the clothing piece you want. very handy! It's really good, so go and have a look!  we both got an account on lookbook. This is a site where everybody can post photo's. but not al kind of photo's , it has to be fashion picture's. of yourself. We really like it because you see al kind of styles of people all over the world. We buy a lot of clothes here! We love the style. And it's also not very expensive. so: WE LOVE.

XOXOXO @SaarTess

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