woensdag 11 mei 2011

we love Music !


So, you know we love fashion. But you should also know we love music! Music just makes us happy or kind of sad now and then. But music is so nice to dance to, or sing with. We also love the covers people make. like on youtube. we like to share with you!

Now we saw this girl singing Born this way. And she's like so good! Amazing voice. We find her nearly as good as Lady Gaga. That's why we are posting the song. You should really listen! she's only 10! She even went on stage with Lady Gaga, because miss Gaga thought she was so good!

We also like this group of girls. they're sisters and they can sing like really good. There called Cimorelli. They sing without music background, just there voices. here they sing Price Tag.

Christina Grimmie & Alex Goot are also vert good singers. we love this song;
There is also this so cute boy who sings paparazzi by Lady Gaga. It sounds really good.

Here is the lazy song by Bruno Mars. It's covered. we think it's nice! We love the bit the boy says 'Oh my god, this is great' . HAHA.

XOXOXO @SaarTess

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  1. hello!
    @The4cornerofS on twitter!!
    Great post, we really love mosic, the 2 girl singing lady gaga's song its amazing!! i follow you ;)